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Beyerdynamic’s new Lagoon ANC headphones brings quiet at just a touch

By Marcus Wong - on 4 Sep 2018, 2:15pm

Beyerdynamic announces the launch of their latest premium active noise-cancelling headphones

Besides unveiling a new logo for the brand at IFA 2018, Beyerdynamic has also released a new set of premium active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones for travelers - the Lagoon ANC. This- has two levels of digital active noise-cancelling and is said to sound excellent even with ANC deactivated.

It can also be used in wireless mode, and gives you the option of MOSAYC sound personalization, letting the headphones automatically adjust to compensate for the frequencies you can’t hear that well. A listening test will be conducted via the MIY app, following which, a personalized listening profile will be created and stored in the headphone so that it knows just what tones to boost.

The inside of the ear cup glows to indicate the status of the headphone.

High-quality memory foam with protein synthetic leather covers are used for the ear cushions, and these have been designed to follow the anatomy of the ear, making them extremely comfortable to wear while adding a layer of passive noise-cancellation. High-quality spring steel shackles hold the headphone to your head firmly but comfortably, while the headphones fold flat for easy transport.

Finally, the headphones have a unique Light Guide System incorporated in the ear cups that lets you know what the status of the headphones is simply by the hue of the light. The Lagoon ANC will be available in two colorways – Traveler (black/blue) and Explorer (grey/brown) from Q4 2018 at a recommended price of €399.00 (incl. VAT). Local pricing and availability will be updated here as the information becomes available. 

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