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Bethesda is now selling premium features for Fallout 76 at US$100 per year

By Tim Augustin - on 24 Oct 2019, 2:13pm

Bethesda is now selling premium features for Fallout 76 at US$100 per year

In a hilarious effort to see how deep they can dig a game’s grave, Bethesda has announced a new monthly subscription plan for Fallout 76. The plan includes a bunch of ‘premium’ features locked behind it - features that players have been crying out for for some time now. 

The membership plan is called ‘Fallout 1st’ and costs either US$12.99 (around S$17.70) per month or US$100 (around S$136) for a full year. That is on top of the S$60 (around S$80) it cost players to buy the game in the first place. The membership comes with the features listed below:

Fallout 1st is already becoming the latest in a very long string of Fallout 76 controversies, including dumb things like Bethesda cheaping out of giving customers real canvas bags and having Fallout 76 Power Armour Helmets recalled due to a ‘risk of mold exposure’. Helmets that were close to physically harming people - that's about as low as we all thought this game could go, but we were wrong

Seeing Fallout 76 begin to monetise widely-demanded features and updates this way might actually be the final straw for a lot of players. To quote user BOSS_Zombie in a Reddit post that already has over 10,000 upvotes, “Fallout 76 is just becoming a Mobile game at this point. Log in once a day to do your things, and pay for shortcuts.”

Even if we move past the sheer gall of Bethesda, to shamelessly monetise what was already an extremely disappointing game even further - Fallout 1st is just an absolute rip-off through and through. For comparison, one month of Fallout 1st membership fees would cost you more than a month of Netflix. For the price of US$12.99, you’d get a Private World, unlimited inventory, a fast travel point and some cosmetics. 

Comparatively, you could also get a month of Xbox Game Pass for less per month, and gain access to over 100 games - including The Outer Worlds, which hasn’t even been released yet. This is the most crass attempt at monetising a deeply troubled game yet, and paints Bethesda as a bunch of money-grubbing executives so out of touch with their fanbase that it’s not even funny.

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