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The best in noise-cancelling finally goes wireless – introducing the latest Bose QuietComfort35 *updated*

By Marcus Wong - on 17 Jun 2016, 4:46pm

The best in noise-cancelling finally goes wireless – introducing the latest Bose QuietComfort35 *updated*


Bose’s QuietComfort series of headphones have always been known for their superior noise-cancelling capabilities, and now the QuietComfort 35 (QC35), looks to raise the bar even further with even better noise-cancelling than before.

The QC 35 boasts updated miniaturized microphone arrays both inside and outside each ear cup that continuously measure, compare, and react to outside noises within milliseconds, sending an equal and opposite signal to cancel that noise out. Also, all the electronics in the headphone have also been tweaked so that the noise floor of the QC35 is virtually undetectable; meaning absolutely nothing will distract you from your music. 

The QC35 holds a custom lithium ion battery that allows for up to 20 hours of wireless listening.

Meanwhile, the QC35s also have the distinction of being the first QuietComfort headphones that offer wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. NFC pairing is supported for easier pairing, and the electronics have been optimized so the QC35s can offer up to 20 hours of wireless listening on a single charge and up to 40 hours of noise-cancelling when listening wired.

The app lets you manage what device is paired to your headset via simple drag and drop.

A new dual-microphone system allows you to take and make voice calls with the benefit of noise-cancelling, while sidetone technology lets you hear your own voice so you sound natural when speaking on a call. Also new, is volume-optimized EQ, which ensures great audio at all volume settings.There’s also a new companion app for Android and iOS – Bose Connect – that lets you manage firmware updates, schedule when your headphones go to sleep and more.

The QuietComfort 35s are available in Black and Silver in the US now for US$349.95, but local pricing and availability has yet to be released. 

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QuietComfort 35s are available now from Atlas Sound & Vision for S$549.


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