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BernieSound expands WineConnection partnership through Tanglin Mall outlet

By Liu Hongzuo - on 4 Feb 2022, 1:53pm

BernieSound expands WineConnection partnership through Tanglin Mall outlet

WineConnection at Tanglin Mall.

If you have a penchant for good music when dining out, the upcoming WineConnection outlet at Tanglin Mall might just be your thing.

BernieSound and WineConnection collaborated yet again on deploying speakerless transducers to the enjoyment of diners, this time at the F&B outlet’s new Tanglin Mall branch. Nestled in the Orchard district, WineConnection @ Tanglin has indoor and outdoor dining for 128 guests, which is further enhanced with BernieSound’s speakerless, yet high-quality audio system.

How BernieSound’s transducers differ from conventional audio setups is through the use of literal good vibes. Their hidden transducers work via Vibration Sound Transfer, which “borrows” a surface (an existing fake wall, ceilings, etc.) to diffuse vibrations that eventually become music by the time it reaches your ears. There are seven transducers responsible for the audio at the F&B outlet.

According to both WineConnection and BernieSound, the Tanglin Mall outlet was particularly challenging given the mall’s renovation guidelines that forbade the installation of outdoor sound systems. Plus, it’s hard to balance audio levels indoors without disrupting the dine-in experience of patrons seated within.

To meet regulatory guidelines and deliver on its standards in creating the right ambience, BernieSound’s transducers were installed on the indoor glass frontage that faces its outdoor diners, turning the three glass panels into high-quality ‘speakers’ for the venue.

“I’ve created six venues, and out of all six, one of the main things that we still always think of is the sound,” said Dominic Schober, General Manager of the Wine Trade Asia Group (which owns WineConnection). Both Dominic and BernieSound also agreed that it’s not about how loud audio can be, but how it sounds pleasant and clear at every volume level, which was crucial to WineConnection’s aesthetic.

WineConnection @ Tanglin now open for business, and located at #01-103/105 within Tanglin Mall.

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