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Basemark releases new ray-tracing benchmark for mobile phones

By Liu Hongzuo - on 3 Jan 2023, 6:23pm

Basemark releases new ray-tracing benchmark for mobile phones

Basemark's GPUScore: In Vitro for benchmarking ray-tracing on mobile phones is now available.

For those who’re just joining us, ray-tracing is a graphics processing technique that consumes massive graphical and AI workloads to add photorealistic lighting and shadow effects to your video games and CGI or animated videos. 

It’s relatively new, with graphic cards properly supporting the technology since 2018 and mobile phones only getting access to real-time, hardware-accelerated ray-tracing capabilities with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2’s release

Popular GPU benchmark makers Basemark today (3 January 2023) announced its brand-new GPUScore: In Vitro mobile benchmarking suite, which not only tests and scores the graphical capabilities of mobile devices, but also accounts for ray-tracing capabilities in these devices. In essence, Basemark has launched a GPU benchmark that’s compatible with phones that carry (or will carry) Qualcomm’s SD8G2, or phones with processors from rival chipmakers that offer the same technologies.

Results from the benchmark are submitted to the Powerboard 4.0 online scoreboard for comparisons, and the benchmark allows for two modes: Official, which renders the content in 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution for testing, and Offical Native, which relies on the mobile device’s preferred resolution settings to run the test. There are other custom test modes for users who'd like to benchmark for very specific use cases as well.

“Anticipating the evolution of the market, GPUScore: In Vitro sets the stage for the future endeavours of the mobile and SoC manufacturers. In Vitro can run on any raytracing supporting Android device. Among others, it features real-time reflections in an exquisite scene which offers a glimpse into the future of mobile gaming. Like other GPU benchmarks developed by Basemark, In Vitro also includes different testing modes, like the Custom or Experience modes. Exploring an entirely uncharted territory, In Vitro represents a milestone in the growth and development of the Basemark benchmarks”, said Mircea Cristea, Product Owner at Basemark.

Understandably, the new benchmark only applies to Android 12 or newer phones with Vulkan 1.1+ support, since iPhones (and their accompanying Apple Bionic processors) aren’t yet optimised for ray-tracing graphics at the time of publishing.

Folks interested in getting a (corporate) copy of Basemark’s GPUScore: In Vitro can contact the team here. Phone testers can try applying for a media licence to use the benchmark here. More information about In Vitro can be found on Basemark’s website as well.

The Android APK for the Basemark benchmarking app is found here (download link).

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