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Bang & Olufsen celebrates 90th year by launching S$120,000 speakers

By Liu Hongzuo - on 13 Oct 2015, 12:54pm

Bang & Olufsen celebrates 90th year by launching S$120,000 speakers

The Beolab 90, at S$120,000 a pair.

Fancy having home speakers at S$120,000 per pair? That’s how much the Beolab 90 will be retailing at.

Designed for home use (and also for their 90th year of being B&O), the Beolab 90 comes with B&O’s very own Active Room Compensation technology, which makes up for the placement and accompanying furniture in your house. It intuitively stages the sound according to your surroundings, allowing the user to better discern the positioning of band members in a song, or where the actors in the movie.

"This intelligent loudspeaker measures the acoustical effects of its surroundings and directs superb sound to your favourite listening position,” said CEO Tue Mantoni, in a statement. “You do not have to be close to the speaker or even in front of it to get an excellent sound experience.”

For more control over the sound stage, the Beolab 90 also comes with Beam Width Control. This functionality allows you to adjust the width of the sound beam, so you can choose to focus the sweet spot onto one listener, or to spread it out into a full room setting for a gathering of friends.

You can also manipulate the direction of the sound via its Beam Direction Control feature. This feature is enabled by its built-in aluminum plate at the top of the speaker. The LED light below the plate visually indicates the current position (out of the five possible sound directions) Beolab 90 is facing.

Each speaker comes with numerous drivers that focus on performance for certain bands of frequencies. There are seven 30mm tweeters, seven 86mm midrange drivers, three 212mm woofers, and one 260mm front woofer, from Danish transducer makers Scan-Speak. Adding to that, each driver comes with an amplifier custom-made by B&O – the tweeters come with seven ICEpower AM300-X, midrange drivers are paired with another seven of the same amplifiers, while the three woofers and front woofer have three HELIOX AM1000-1 amplifiers and one identical unit respectively.

Connectivity-wise, the Beolab 90 is compatible with a proprietary app that helps you calibrate your sound stage, and create presets for different listening situations. Physically, the Beolab 90 is compatible with various inputs – analogue ones in the power link, RCA, XLR (fully balanced), while digital inputs that work are USB (24bit/192kHz), S/P-DIF (24bit/192kHz), TOSLINK (24bit/96kHz). Wirelessly, the Beolab 90 connects using a Wireless Power Link (24bit/48kHz), or WiSA technology (24bit/96kHz).

Each speaker weighs a hefty 135kg, as its made from aluminum, with touches of oak wood and fabric. The BeoLab 90 is available from mid-November, 2015, exclusively at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt Showroom.

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