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Bang & Olufsen reveal the Beolab 28 wireless loudspeaker for a whopping S$17,950

By Aaron Yip - on 5 Jul 2021, 5:05pm

Bang & Olufsen reveal the Beolab 28 wireless loudspeaker for a whopping $17,950

Image: Bang & Olufsen

I mean, if you have the money…

Meet Bang & Olufsen’s new adaptive wireless loudspeaker: the Beolab 28. The company touts this as their most advanced connected speaker yet, combining the latest audio innovations with convenient features for home use. Oh, and it’s S$17,950. No big deal. 

To be fair, this speaker backs up its insane price point. It allows you to enjoy booming studio-grade sound with their latest generation Active Room Compensation, which adapts bass response to the room around it. Music streaming is built in, allowing you to play whatever you want using integrated touch controls. The speaker can be placed pretty much anywhere in your living room, whether it be left standing on the floor or hanging from the wall like an incredibly expensive mantelpiece. 

With the features it’s got under its belt, the Beolab 28 practically doubles as a blockbuster stereo HiFi and a surround sound system for your TV. Bang & Olufsen emphasise that one of these features is the speaker’s curtains. They open up when the speaker is switched on or move when the sound beam is adjusted, which modifies whether the speaker is in narrow or wide mode. 

See how this works in the video below:

In practice, all this means is that wooden panelling around the surface of this speaker swivels open when it’s turned on. In narrow mode, unaltered audio avoids the interference of side wall reflections and achieves what Bang & Olufsen refer to as, “the ultimate sweet spot listening.” In wide mode however, more sound is diffused all around the speaker and that maintains a natural tonal balance even if you’re not right in front of the device. 

The speaker comes in Natural Silver, Black Anthracite and Bronze Tone aluminum for, again, a hefty S$17,950 at the company’s Grand Hyatt flagship store. The speaker also has variants for its knitted fabric (grey and grey melange) and solid wood (light oak, oak, smoked oak and walnut). This pricing is par for the course for Bang & Olufsen, by the way. In case you missed it, the company offered a gold variant of the Beolab 50 for S$48,900 onwards last year. 

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