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Make space for Azza’s Overdrive, their new E-ATX showpiece that's ready to take off

By Rhyn Chan - on 5 May 2021, 3:20pm

Make space for Azza’s Overdrive, their new E-ATX showpiece that's ready to take off

Azza's Overdrive showpiece case that features a pair of gull-wing covers on either sides of the case.

Go big or go home. That just might be the motto behind Azza’s ginormous case, as their Overdrive attempts to take flight with an engine-inspired, open-concept chassis for the PC enthusiast with a budget to spare.

Sitting at 440 x 570 x 590mm in dimensions, this 23kg beast is constructed using mostly aluminium, while the top panel, which defines the signature aesthetic of this case, sits a pair of wings made using a combination of tempered glass and aluminium which is reminiscent of a certain, winged-car that can travel through time.

Rear side view of the case with the wings open, showcasing the innards where more PC components can sit.

Designed primarily for water-cooling enthusiasts in mind, the case comes with all the bells and whistles necessary to fit all of these components. At the top, that tray can accommodate up to three 360mm radiators and nine 120mm fans, with space for up to a pair of full-length graphics card if NVIDIA’s SLI or AMD’s Crossfire is your jam, and a pump-and-reservoir combo. As you can tell, the cooling options are off the charts.

A fully equipped Azza Overdrive case with water cooling and fans fitted on every inch of the available space.

And the heart of it is where the motherboard sits; cooled by an included 200m ARGB Fan, the ample space can fit motherboards from E-ATX sizes (<280mm), to Mini ITX. If, for whatever reason you need to air cool the CPU, the maximum compatible height is 80mm. And as for storage, there are disk drive mounts on both sides of the case, where either dual 3.5-inch or quad 2.5-inch drives can fit.

Side view of the case where hard drives and SSDs will sit.

When it comes to accessories, the Azza Overdrive comes with an RGB and fan controller, 300mm PCIe 3.0 riser cable, a pair of PCIe slot brackets, and a pair of radiator brackets. In total, this case comes at a cool sticker price of US$599.99 on Amazon. If you need something truly unconventional and draw attention to your system build, this could be the missing link you need.

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