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The Aztech VC3000 is a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans, sweeps, mops, and sterilizes your floors

By Ng Chong Seng - on 1 Oct 2015, 7:00am

The Aztech VC3000 is a robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans, sweeps, mops, and sterilizes your floors

Known for its networking products, local brand Aztech also makes its fair share of home appliances. And one of them is the VC3000, a robotic vacuum cleaner that lets you clean, sweep, mop, and sterilize your floors in just a few button presses.

A smart robotic cleaner, the VC3000 is able to return to its own docking station to recharge its batteries once cleaning is done. You can draw up a cleaning schedule, including defining a boundary (or ‘virtual wall’) that it should keep within. You can also have it spend more time cleaning underneath tables, sofas, and or in other dark areas. And with a built-in drop sensor, it’s able to avoid drop areas such as stairs.

The S$399 VC3000 has a cleaning tool that comprises of a soft brush and hard rubber, which means it’s capable of cleaning of any kind of floor surface. With a self-adjusting trailing bar and rubber blade, it can adjust its own height slightly. Furthermore, the VC3000 is able to sterilize the floor, and sports a two-way UV sterilization feature that works in tadem with the 3D and HEPA filter.

HL129EP and WIPC410

Of course, Aztech also has several new networking products lately, including the HL129EP, which is a HomePlug AV2 adapter; and WIPC410, an indoor monitoring IP camera.

Capable of turning in-house powerline into a networking infrastructure, the 1,200Mbps-rated HL129EP has two gigabit Ethernet ports, and an AC passthrough socket. It has a configuration push button so it’s easy to create a HomePlug network and supports 128-bit AES encryption. The HL129EP costs S$79, but you need at least two to set up a network unless you already have a HomePlug in the house.

The S$169 WIPC410 on the other hand is an "enhanced HD" IP camera because of its 1280 x 960-pixel sensor resolution. With pan (355° horizontal) and tilt and (120° vertical), two-way audio, night vision, and support for microSD card recording and wireless-N connectivity, it makes a suitable home and office surveillance camera. Furthermore, with the Aztech IP Cam app, aside from the ability to view the video on mobile wherever you are and select preferred motion detection areas, you can record the video to your mobile device’s storage, and view up to four IP cameras simultaneously.

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