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Aztech’s Kyla Gen 2 smart ceiling light uses technology to help you sleep better

By Ken Wong - on 26 Jan 2021, 12:25pm

Aztech’s Kyla Gen 2 smart ceiling light uses technology to help you sleep better

Slim and stylish to fit any room. Image courtesy of Aztech.

Aztech has launched their Kyla Gen 2 Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Light that makes their return with new features.

These Smart Wi-fi Ceiling Lights are a Gen 2 product launched in August last year as part of the Gen 2 series. Aztech says that their Gen 1 and Gen 2 series of smart devices operate on two different apps, and they are not cross-compatible. 

To ZigBee or not to ZigBee

Wake up as though to a natural sunrise. Image courtesy of Aztech.

Looking much like a normal slim ceiling light, the Kyla Gen 2 Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Light uses Wi-Fi rather than ZigBee to connect as a smart home device.

ZigBee is designed to carry small amounts of data over a short distance while using very little power. It’s a mesh networking solution so each node in the network is connected to each other. This means you don’t have to rely solely on the router and the endpoint. Wi-Fi networks have a central hub, and all nodes and devices connect to it. This makes it easy to add or remove devices without affecting the rest of the network.

This means, unlike ZigBee based smart lights where the bulb can be replaced without affecting the control hub when it burns out, with the Smart Ceiling Light replacing the bulb also replaces the controller. Hence the higher price. However, Aztech rates the lifespan at 35,000 hours, which is nearly 4 years of use.  

The Smart Ceiling Light connects to your existing Wi-Fi network, allowing users to control it via the Kyla app. Using the app, users can remotely turn the lights on and off, set a schedule, start a countdown timer, or change the tone and hue for different activities or simply to help sleep better.  

It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, meaning users can use voice commands to turn them on and off and control the brightness too.


New three colour mode feature

How the transition looks. Gif courtesy of Aztech.

The Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Light has been upgraded with 3 new modes to simulate the light at different times of the day. The new modes are:

Morning Mode: where the ceiling light simulates the sunrise shifting from a dim warm white to a bright cool white over the course of 30 minutes

Evening Mode: where the ceiling light simulates the sunset going from a bright cool white to a dim warm white

Sleep Mode: where the ceiling light goes from dim warm light to turning itself off


Pricing and availability

Let it lull you to sleep. Image courtesy of Aztech.

The Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Light retails at S$99.00 each and is available on Aztech’s new online store and at their official stores on Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee. Aztech offers installation at S$80. To opt for it, customers can add it to cart along with their smart Wi-Fi ceiling light purchase.

Aztech also has a new showroom for customers who wish to experience and demo the smart Wi-Fi ceiling light along with other Gen 2 products. Their showroom address is at 31 Ubi Road 1, #01-05 Singapore(408694). Customers can book an appointment prior to their visit.

Finally, Hardware Zone readers can use the code SCLFIDHWZ only at kylaconnect.com to get free installation and one year extended warranty with onsite support. The code expires on 28 February 2021, and is limited to 15 redemptions of the installation with Terms and Conditions applying.

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