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Aventis Graduate School enters the metaverse with its Aventis Metaverse campus

By Glenn Chua - on 5 Jun 2022, 11:13pm

Aventis Graduate School enters the metaverse with its Aventis Metaverse campus

Note: This article was first published on 18th May 2022.

Image source: Aventis Graduate School

Aventis Graduate School, a private business university headquartered in Singapore, has unveiled its roadmap to a metaverse campus. Called Aventis Metaverse, the university signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Smobler Studios, a multimedia design agency, and Multiverse Labs, a digital ecosystems company, to help design and build a photorealistic version of the school's campus in the metaverse.

Aventis says the goal of Aventis Metaverse is to help make higher education more accessible and more affordable. With virtual reality headsets, the university says that students and executives will be able to experience school programmes, as well as interact with lecturers and course mates, without having to be on the physical campus itself. Aventis says that embedded video calling technology like Zoom will help deepen the interactive experience, and interestingly, it says that it will also utilise NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for educational purposes.

On that last point, Aventis is leveraging the EduFi Learn to Earn model. The model, developed by Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, has users complete education-related tasks in exchange for earning a set amount of cryptocurrency. Specifically, Aventis says that students and users can earn NFT badges to be exchanged and sold, such as these:

Some NFTs can also be used as passes to enter conferences and events organised by Aventis:

As for the metaverse campus, Aventis is leveraging some of the expertise that Smobler Studios and Multiverse Labs have to offer to build it. Aventis says that Smobler Studios, an agency which has history of designing in The Sandbox, a blockchain-based platform where users can monetise 3D voxel games and assets, will lead in the design of Aventis Metaverse's interior and exterior, while the school will utilise Multiverse Labs' photorealistic technology to construct it.

A render of what the metaverse campus would look like. (Image source: Aventis Graduate School)

This is all part of Aventis's 'phygital' (digital and physical) approach to education, which enables learners and professionals to benefit from education no matter where they are, particularly through networking, conferences and management programmes. 

Aventis says that Aventis Metaverse will be available for beta-testing for students and alumni in Q3 of this year. Later in December 2022, it will also be Airdropping 10 million tokens, worth S$10 million, to 500,000 users for free, which can be used as credit for online courses.

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