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ATI Announces Open Stereo 3D Initiative

By Vincent Chang - on 16 Mar 2010, 9:05am

ATI Announces Open Stereo 3D Initiative

It seems that ATI too now wants to be part of the 3D wave sweeping the world. While NVIDIA has had its own 3D Vision product for some time now, its rival plans to bring in partners, from middleware firms that produce the 3D glasses and displays to software companies that create the content. The announcement is short on details on when we'll actually see products shipped but 3D-enabled ATI Eyefinity technology looks to be on the road map.

3D Vision Blog - More interesting news coming from GDC 2010 in San Francisco, this time from ATI announcing their Open Stereo 3D Initiative in trying to work with more partners to ensure support for multiple different stereoscopic 3D solutions.

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