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The liquid metal, liquid-cooled ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 is the fastest card on the planet (Now Available)

By Zachary Chan - on 25 Sep 2023, 12:31pm

ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090

Note: This article was first published on 3rd June 2023 and is now updated with exact GPU speeds, local pricing and availability information.

ASUS showcased their “Mother-of-all-Cards”, the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 at Computex 2023. It supposedly boasts the highest out-of-the-box boost clocks of any RTX 4090 in the world, though they hadn't revealed what this number is. Likely, ASUS was still trying to push every last stable MHz out of this thing before the retail-ready release.

In our September 25th update, ASUS has finally shared that it will have an incredibly fast boost clock speed of 2,700MHz! The Founders Edition 'only' boasts a boost clock of 2,520MHz, while the fastest we've tested so far with a boost clock of up to 2,640MHz belongs to the MSI GeForce RTX 4090 Suprim X

@hwztech The ASUS ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 may be the most powerful (and probably the most expensive) graphics card on the planet. #computex2023 #taipei #asus #asusrog #nvidia #geforce #rtx4090 #rogmatrix #hwzsg #fyp ♬ original sound - HardwareZone

The Matrix RTX 4090 will also be the first graphics card to feature liquid metal thermal compound on the GPU. Liquid metal has better cooling properties than other thermal compounds, but is conductive, so any leaks would fry your board. ASUS has previously used this successfully on their laptops, but the challenge for graphics cards is vertical mounting. To overcome this, ASUS applied a UV resin on all capacitors bordering the GPU die, with two additional protective layers between the die and PCB.

The Matrix RTX 4090 also features a custom-engineered copper cold plate with full coverage of GPU, VRMs, and memory chips. The card has a cool see-through housing design for you to marvel at. As an AIO liquid-cooled solution, the cold plate is of course backed up by even more custom parts. You get a powerful embedded pump with and ‘optimised’ coolant flow rate, extra-thick 360mm radiator cooled by three ROG MF-12S ARGB fans.

What’s interesting about these fans in the fact that they can be daisy-chained with a magnetic connector, simplifying setup with less cables. ASUS claims that this whole cooling system can keep the Matrix 4090 at a maximum operating temperature of just 60°C at the official 450W TDP with fans under 1,000 RPM.

The Matrix RTX 4090 is a beauty to behold. It is fully encased in metal, from its copper cold plate to stainless steel backplate, and aluminium housing. Cabling is clean thanks to the magnetic daisy-chained fans, but even the main fan power cable is hidden within the cooling tubes.

The ROG Matrix RTX 4090 will be available for sale in the third quarter of 2023 as a limited-edition card. Final specs and pricing have yet to be announced, but you can be sure this will be the fastest, and probably most expensive graphics card in the world.

Just as we predicted, the suggested retail price of the ROG Matrix RTX 4090, the fastest graphics card in the world breaking several overclocking records at Computex 2023, is only matched by its out of the world S$6,099 price tag, making it the most expensive graphics card in the world too. You could literally purchase two 'normal' GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards, but that's really not the point of the ROG Matrix RTX 4090, isn't it?

If you are a serious about this one-of-a-kind limited edition graphics card, ASUS Singapore says you can contact any of the these local retailers to make your move:-

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