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The ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 chassis looks like it came from the future

By Hoots the Owl - on 5 Jan 2023, 10:58pm

The ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 chassis looks like it came from the future

Image Source: ASUS

If you're looking to make a statement with your next PC build, the ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 might just be it. The full tower chassis is all sleek lines and brushed metal, boasting a suitably futuristic design that is just screaming for only the most powerful components.

The chassis design has been built with airflow in mind, although there is still support for two 420mm radiators. Large channels in the front allow air to pass through, along with the open grille at the top, with room for four 140mm fans and a built-in fan hub.

The roomy interior can hold up to 12-inch E-ATX motherboards and the latest graphics cards, with up to 460mm of clearance. An integrated aluminum two-way graphics card holder will keep the card from sagging, regardless of whether it is mounted horizontally or vertically.

ASUS has also put work into all the little conveniences you expect from a chassis of this calibre. Cable management has not been overlooked either. You get 34mm of space behind the motherboard for all your cables, complete with multiple grommets and a wide panel along the back with hook-and-look cable ties to keep everything neat and tidy.

Image Source: ASUS

A small embedded drawer serves as a dedicated storage space for all your screws, accessories, and even a small screwdriver. The side panels are completely tool-less, and the power supply shroud allows airflow while keeping the holes small enough to prevent screws from falling through.

If you want to use the ROG Thor power supply, there is a small opening in the shroud so you can view the OLED panel at all times.

The final flourish is the extra panel beside the motherboard tray. It provides space for a radiator, fans, multiple 2.5-inch SSDs, or even the ROG lighting board, which adds some extra visual panache.

The ROG Hyperion GR701 will be available in late Q1 2023 for S$619.

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