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ASUS' revamped online store fuses brick-and-mortar retail with digital conveniences

By Kenneth Ang - on 14 Jun 2022, 5:07pm

ASUS' revamped online store fuses brick-and-mortar retail with digital conveniences

Image: ASUS

These days, most of us are generally okay with picking stuff up off online marketplaces, be it groceries, collectibles, or even custom-built PCs. Of course, this doesn't mean we aren't wary of scams and other con tactics - it's more like we aren't as averse to the idea as we might have been ten or fifteen years ago. 

Naturally, to match the change in consumer perspectives, many companies have also boarded the digital train to provide relevant products and services. But unlike most of them that are trying to skip the "middleman" in favour of a direct B2C format, ASUS' newly-revamped online store showcases an interesting idea: combining the advantages of brick-and-mortar retail with those of the digital age

Specifically, ASUS has come up with a system that allows customers to first place an order for a product online, then head down to any authorised ASUS reseller afterward to physically assess and collect their purchase on the very same day. After all, as many of us can relate to, one of the main concerns people tend to have about online purchases is that they have no idea whether the product they see on the Internet will turn up the same way on their doorstep. But with this format, ASUS eliminates that set of concerns completely, and allowing customers to retrieve their order from any authorised retailer helps speed up the process too.

Image: ASUS

Interestingly, ASUS isn't taking all the credit here. It designed this new infrastructure in collaboration with SmartOSC, which helped them leverage Adobe Commerce's software capabilities to create a solid backend foundation. As Eddie Teng, Head of Marketing and Digital Business Manager at ASUS Singapore describes it, versatility is the name of the game with this new system.

“The ASUS Store may look like a regular online store on the front-end but behind, it is supported by an innovative and yet complex system solution designed from the ground up. When we were designing it, we wanted to ensure little to no interruption to our retail partners’ process flow and the ability to scale up and down depending on the season and load.", he says.

Accordingly, with this convenient "omnichannel shopping experience" in place, the company hopes to continue building and strengthening good relations with its retail partners as well as its customers.

"At ASUS, we value our strong relationship with our retail partners and their support to us, and we always believe in providing more value to our partners. That led us to rethink our approach with our digital business and have it to complement and drive incremental on our partners' businesses.” notes Megan Wang, Business Development Manager at ASUS Singapore.

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