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ArtScience Museum to host largest Studio Ghibli exhibition in Singapore

By The Count - on 24 Jan 2024, 1:32pm

ArtScience Museum to hosts largest Studio Ghibli exhibition in Singapore

L to R: My Neighbor Totoro© 1988 Studio Ghibli; Princess Mononoke© 1997 Studio Ghibli – ND; Spirited Away© 2001 Studio Ghibli - NDDTM

It's tough to find someone who doesn't have a soft spot for Ghibli films. They're like the comfort food of the animation world. Now, for those of you who can’t get enough of these animated gems, the ArtScience Museum is rolling out a red carpet for The World of Studio Ghibli. Starting from October 2024, this showcase will be a dive into the enchanting universe created by the famed animation studio.

According to Honor Hager, the Vice-President of ArtScience Museum, the museum has been "trying to bring a Studio Ghibli show" to Singapore for years and they have finally done it.

Fans and visitors can expect a sprawling expanse filled with life-sized, interactive sets plucked right out of some of the most iconic Ghibli movies. It's a chance to literally step into the whimsical worlds of My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and meet the characters that have charmed audiences globally.

For more information, visit ArtScience Museum’s webpage here.

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