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Army of the Dead has become one of Netflix's top 10 most-watched movies to date

By Tim Augustin - on 1 Jun 2021, 3:55pm

Army of the Dead has become one of Netflix's top 10 most-watched movies to date

Image: Netflix

Wondering what everyone’s been watching on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the few streaming services that makes its viewership numbers public - though that usually only happens whenever it scores a big hit. Recently, the company revealed to Deadline that Army of the Dead has skyrocketed to its top 10 most-watched list of original movies. 

The last time Netflix released viewership numbers for its biggest movies was in April 2020, but the list has seen some new additions recently. Last time around, movies like The Irishman, Triple Frontier, The Wrong Missy, The Platform and The Perfect Date made the list. This time, all of those movies have been trumped by newer releases with more views. 

Here’s the full list, with the number of viewers included:

  1. Extraction – 99 Million

  2. Bird Box – 89 Million

  3. Spenser Confidential – 85 Million

  4. 6 Underground – 83 Million

  5. Murder Mystery – 83 Million

  6. The Old Guard – 78 Million

  7. Enola Holmes – 76 Million

  8. Project Power – 75 Million

  9. The Midnight Sky and Army of the Dead (tied) – 72 Million

It’s worth noting that Army of the Dead only just launched on 14 May, 2021 - so it’s bound to climb up this list with time. Netflix saw this hit coming, too. The company has already greenlit and produced an Army of the Dead prequel starring the German safecracker Ludwig Dieter, set for release in late 2021. An anime spin-off series titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is also in production, chronicling the origin story of Bautista’s character Scott Ward and his crew during the initial Vegas outbreak. 

Last year, anyone who watched more than two minutes of a movie counted as a ‘view’ in Netflix’s eyes for their top 10 list. It’s likely that this list was made the same way, so as long as you watched more than two minutes of Army of the Dead - you’re one of its 72 million viewers. If you liked the film, check out our interview with Dave Bautista and Zack Snyder!

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