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Apple's VR headset could arrive next year

By Cookie Monster - on 22 Jan 2021, 12:00am

Apple's VR headset could arrive next year

Screenshot taken from Front Page Tech's YouTube video on "Apple's AR Glasses! HERE YOU GO! Design, Name, Price, Release date, and more! EXCLUSIVE LEAKS!"

Apple could introduce its first major new product category in 2022 with its first VR headset.

People with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg that Apple has planned to launch the VR headset as soon as 2022. The VR headset, which is codenamed N301, is expected to be an expensive, niche precursor to the more mainstream AR glasses (codenamed N421). Sources claim the VR headset is currently in a late prototype stage while the AR glasses are in an early stage and its launch is still a few years away.

Rumoured features of the VR headset include showing an all-encompassing 3D digital environment for gaming, multimedia consumption and communications. To achieve this, Apple is said to be testing chips for the headset which are better than the M1 processors, and higher-resolution displays. There are external cameras for some AR features which include hand tracking and typing virtually in the air to input text.

Apple is also believed to be developing a system for consumers to insert custom prescription lenses into the headset. To make it comfortable for users to wear, a fabric design is said to be considered by Apple. There is even a prototype with a fan.

Bloomberg reported on the development process of the VR headset and AR glasses last year. Tipster Jon Prosser said that the AR glasses are likely to be called Apple Glass and retail price could start from US$499.

Source: Bloomberg

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