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Apple's rumored wireless headset can run AR and VR, expected launch in 2020

By Cookie Monster - on 29 Apr 2018, 12:00am

Apple's rumored wireless headset can run AR and VR, expected launch in 2020

Apple has publicly expressed its obsession with augmented reality (AR) over the past two years, but it might be also combining virtual reality (VR) into its upcoming wireless headset. 

CNET's source claims that Apple is working on a wireless headset which is capable of supporting AR and VR technology. The wireless headset is said to support an 8K display for each eye, and is untethered from a computer or smartphone.

It would connect to a dedicated box - which currently looks like a PC tower - using a high-speed, short-range wireless technology. The dedicated box will be powered by Apple's own custom-designed processor. Unlike current VR solutions which require special cameras to be positioned in the room to detect the user's location, all the sensors will be built into the wireless headset and box. The project is codenamed T288 and is in its early stages with a slated launch for 2020. 

Apple was reportedly testing digital glasses which can connect wirelessly to the iPhone, display images and other information in the wearer's field of vision. Its potential partner was rumored to be Carl Zeiss. The iPhone maker has a multi-disciplinary team developing AR products and integrating some of the features into its products.

However, the company appeared to be unsure of its vision for AR as it is also rumored to be experimenting with "several different kinds of prototypes" with one group of engineers pushing for a pair of 3D glasses that have 3D cameras, no displays and have to use the iPhone as the hub and main display. In November 2017, Apple acquired AR headset startup for US$30 million. A recent report claims that Apple is working on AR displays for self-driving cars to give passengers added information about the world around them while they’re on the move.

Source: CNET

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