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Apple's mixed reality headset said to have 15 cameras

By Cookie Monster - on 10 Mar 2021, 12:00am

Apple's mixed reality headset said to have 15 cameras

Image source: The Information

One day after sharing the estimated launch timeline for Apple's mixed reality (MR) headset, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote in a new research note on its specs.

Kuo claims the MR headset will be equipped with 15 camera modules, 8 of which will be used for augmented reality (AR) video experiences. 6 other modules will enable "innovative biometrics" and the remaining module will help detect the environment for object placement. 

The analyst also believes Largan Precision will supply the camera modules for the MR headset. Largan also supplies the camera lens modules for the iPhone and iPad. 

Kuo's report is in line with what The Information shared last month. A source told the publication that the MR headset will have more than a dozen cameras for tracking hand movements and showing video of the real world to the user. So far, multiple publication expect the MR headset to be unveiled next year.

Source: 9to5Mac

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