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The Apple Watch Series 7 may come with blood glucose monitoring feature

By Cookie Monster - on 26 Jan 2021, 12:00am

The Apple Watch Series 7 may come with blood glucose monitoring feature

The Apple Watch Series 6 features a new sensor that uses red and infrared light to measures your bloody oxygen level on top of your heart rate and ECG.

The Apple Watch Series 7 may come with a new health monitoring feature this year according to ETNews.

Apple is rumoured to be introducing blood glucose monitoring to the next generation Apple Watch and the feature is said to be enabled by a non-invasive optical sensor. The optical sensor, which is designed by Apple, does not require an implant and is a skin-top continuous monitoring solution. In addition, the Apple Watch maker reportedly secured patents on blood glucose monitoring and is now focusing efforts on "securing reliability and stability prior to commercialisation of the technology".

CNBC reported in 2017 that Apple assembled a team of 30 biomedical engineers to work on sensors to monitor blood sugar levels. The sensors can shine a light through the skin to measure indications of glucose. BGR made a similar claim that year stating that Apple could introduce interchangeable "smart watch bands" with different features. One of them is said to be a "game-changing health feature".

If Apple manages to bring an accurate and reliable blood glucosing monitoring feature to the Apple Watch Series 7, it has the potential to benefit millions of diabetic patients around the world. There is no need to for an implanted continuous glucose monitor (CGM) or testing of blood in a blood sugar meter.

Source: ETNews via MacRumours​​​​​

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