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Apple Watch Series 4 helped user discover he has AFib heart condition

By Cookie Monster - on 11 Jan 2019, 12:00am

Apple Watch Series 4 helped user discover he has AFib heart condition

Image source: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 4 helped another user discover that he has an underlying heart condition. 

According to WMUR, Barry Maden from southern New Hampshire went to the hospital for a check-up after his Apple Watch Series 4 prompted him that his heart is in AFib and that he should seek medical assistance. 

Maden initially thought he was experiencing anxiety around travelling for his holiday, but the alert from the Apple Watch Series 4 got him worried and he went to the hospital. At the emergency room, the doctor did an actual EKG on Maden and diagnosed his condition as AFib 

"It would've probably taken me longer had I not had something actually telling me that something's not right," he said.

Maden said he bought the Apple Watch Series 4 for its fall detection feature, but did not expect it to detect something selse. This is not the first time the Apple Watch Series 4 is credited for saving lives. Last month, the ECG app alerted another user to the AFib heart issue.

The ECG app is currently only available for Apple Watch Series 4 users in the U.S. Changing the Apple Watch's region setting will not get the ECG app to work. However, users who purchased an Apple Watch Series 4 and are not residing in the U.S can use the ECG app.

Source: WMUR via 9to5Mac

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