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Apple Watch's Emergency SOS feature saved woman from carbon monoxide poisoning

By Cookie Monster - on 4 Jan 2024, 9:43am

Apple Watch's Emergency SOS feature saved woman from carbon monoxide poisoning

Emergency SOS allows you to quickly and easily call for help and alert emergency contacts from the Apple Watch. <br>Image source: Apple

The Apple Watch has proved to be a lifesaver again. 

According to CBS News, a Delaware student almost lost her life from carbon monoxide poisoning in her apartment. The source of the gas leak is reportedly the faulty heater in the apartment.

The student started feeling "extremely exhausted" and her vision was getting "blurry". Before she passed out, she managed to reach for the SOS button on her Apple Watch and triggered an emergency call to  911. 

When emergency service arrived at her apartment, she was immediately pulled out of her bed and revived in an ambulance with oxygen. She later learned that the level of carbon monoxide in her room was "extremely high."

Emergency SOS on the Apple Watch can be activated by pressing and holding the side button until the Emergency Call slider appears. Drag the slider to start a call immediately or keep holding the side button for a countdown timer to finish before a call is automatically made to emergency services.

Besides making a call, the Emergency SOS feature also shares the location with emergency services. It also sends your emergency contacts a text message of your current location. 

Source: CBS News via 9to5Mac

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