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Some Apple Vision Pro owners just cannot seem to get comfortable with the headset

By Shawn Tan - on 11 Apr 2024, 8:30am

Some Apple Vision Pro owners just cannot seem to get comfortable with the headset

Apple Vision Pro users are complaining about headaches, neck issues and black eyes.

It has been about two months since the Apple Vision Pro hit retail shelves in the US and more feedback has surfaced regarding the user experience.

Some Apple Vision Pro users shared with Marketwatch their experiences with the device. One woman claims the Apple Vision Pro "gave her two black eyes" after she used it for the first time for an hour. She added that "the fit was just off" and the device "clearly [placed] too much weight" on her cheeks.

Ian Beacraft, CEO of Signal and Cipher, said he "felt soreness at the base of his skull and in his upper back" after using the Apple Vision Pro for two hours. Other users said they suffer from puffy or dry eyes, dark under-eye circles, headaches and neck pain.

In other words, the customer feedback given to Marketwatch isn't all that different from what most tech reviews said during the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. It also seems to corroborate Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro. Zuckerberg shared in February that the Quest 3 is "just a lot more comfortable" and he is surprised at the number of trade-offs Apple made in the aspect of comfort and ergonomics.

In Apple's defence, its user guidelines of the Vision Pro recommend users to ensure that they have a proper fit and take a break every 20 to 30 minutes.

Apple also cautions users with pre-existing medical conditions such as headaches, eye or vision conditions, inner ear conditions or psychological conditions that usage of the Vision Pro might aggravate the symptoms or increase the risk of injury or discomfort.

Source: MarketWatch

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