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Apple to use its retail stores as distribution centers to speed up deliveries

By Cookie Monster - on 10 Oct 2020, 10:28am

Apple to use its retail stores as distribution centers to speed up deliveries

The Covid-19 pandemic and consumers' shift to online purchases have prompted Apple to rethink the use of its retail stores in the U.S and Canada. 

Bloomberg reports that Apple is planning to use its network of retail stores as distribution centers for shipping products to consumers. Apple typically ship orders from warehouses in the region or from China, but the change in strategy means that it can ship orders faster to consumers from its retail stores. In addition, the send-from-store model will reduce costs, potentially improve product margins, and is more environmental friendly.

The new program applies to customers who live within 100 miles from an Apple Store. Apple has been testing the program since June and July after its retail stores re-opened from the Covid-19 lockdown. While more stores are involved now, not all stores across the U.S and Canada are involved.

Apple is also said to have contingency plans to convert its retail stores into online support or sales call centers in the event that certain regions or locations have to close again due to the coronavirus situation. The back rooms of some Apple Stores are already been used as small call centers. 

Source: Bloomberg

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