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Apple unlikely to release the M2 Extreme chip

By Cookie Monster - on 18 Dec 2022, 10:49pm

Apple unlikely to release the M2 Extreme chip

The Apple Mac Pro.

Apple's upcoming Mac Pro will not come with a M2 Extreme configuration.

According to Bloomberg, Apple initially planned for two configurations of the Mac Pro: an M2 Ultra and an M2 Extreme. The M2 Extreme was designed to be several times more powerful than the M2 Max, and even more powerful than the M1 Ultra-powered Mac Studio.

The M2 Extreme reportedly had 48 CPU cores and 152 graphics cores, but the complexity and manufacturing costs forced Apple to drop it.

The complexity of building the M2 Extreme, which is technically four M2 Max chips combined, would have required TSMC to devote significant resources in producing it. In addition, the Mac Pro with M2 Extreme might have a starting price of $10,000 which would only appeal to a niche group of consumers.

The new Mac Pro is likely to be assembled in Vietnam since Apple is shifting production of its products away from China.

Source: Bloomberg via MacRumours

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