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Apple TV+’s Foundation Season 2 trailer unveils epic space battles and massive spaceships

By The Count - on 14 Jul 2023, 1:55pm

Apple TV+’s latest trailer for Foundation Season 2 unveils epic space battles and massive spaceships

Foundation Season 2 trailer

Apple has recently released an exciting new trailer for Foundation Season 2, offering a tantalising glimpse into the forthcoming installment of this highly anticipated series. With a whopping US$45 million budget dedicated to its first season alone, Foundation continues to raise the bar for quality storytelling in the realm of science fiction.

Here is a brief overview of what awaits fans in the second season:

Foundation Season 2 delves deeper into a future where tension grips the galaxy. As the Cleons crumble, a vengeful queen secretly conspires to dismantle the Empire from within. Hari, Gaal, and Salvor stumble upon a colony of Mentalics, individuals with extraordinary psionic abilities that could reshape the course of psychohistory itself. Meanwhile, the Foundation experiences a religious awakening, spreading the Church of Seldon across the Outer Reach and igniting the Second Crisis – an impending war with the Empire. This monumental adaptation of Foundation follows the intertwined journeys of four pivotal individuals as they navigate perilous challenges, shifting alliances, and complex relationships, ultimately determining the fate of humanity.

Joining the stellar cast are Laura Birn, Cassian Bilton, and Terrence Mann, along with a host of new faces. Isabella Laughland takes on the role of Brother Constant, while Kulvinder Ghir portrays Poly Verisof. Ella-Rae Smith as Queen Sareth of Cloud Dominion, Holt McCallany shines as Warden Jaegger Fount, and Rachel House embodies Tellem Bond. Nimrat Kaur steps into the role of Yanna Seldon, with Ben Daniels as Bel Riose, and Dimitri Leonidas as Hober Mallow.

Foundation Season 2 will exclusively premiere on Apple TV+ on July 14, followed by weekly episodes every Friday until September 15.

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