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Apple TV with 4K output said to be in the works, may launch this year

By Cookie Monster - on 17 Feb 2017, 1:00am

Apple TV with 4K output said to be in the works, may launch this year

Image source: Apple

Although Steve Jobs reportedly had the idea to "finally crack" the TV market, we have yet to see Apple do it in recent years. Based on insights obtained by Bloomberg, it wouldn't be anytime soon though consumers can expect to see an upgraded version of the Apple TV later this year. 

Known internally as the "J105", the 5th generation Apple TV is currently undergoing testing and may be released this year. It will be able to stream 4K content and boast more vivid colors. These new features could boost sales as more consumers are upgrading to 4K TVs. 

Several obstacles are said to have forced Apple to compromise on its goal of revolutionizing the TV market. For example, Apple wanted to bundle four main broadcast networks, several cable channels and on-demand TV content for a monthly subscription. However, negotiations over costs and composition of the bundles failed.

This also affected the development of the TV app and interface, which was originally designed as a gateway for accessing live shows and sports. The final product that rolled out was therefore "less ambitious than originally envisioned". 

Despite these setbacks, there are signs that Apple is renewing its focus on the Apple TV business. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is building a new business in original TV shows and movies. Apple also managed to hire an industry veteran, former Amazon Fire TV chief Timonthy D. Twerdahl to lead its Apple TV business. 

Source: Bloomberg via 9to5Mac

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