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No, Touch ID won't be returning in the iPhone 16

By Kenny Yeo - on 23 Nov 2023, 9:28am

No, Touch ID won't be returning in the iPhone 16

Remember Touch ID, the iPhone fingerprint recognition technology? It hasn't featured in a flagship iPhone for years and yet rumours about its return refuse to die.

However, according to "an integrated circuit expert" who has a track record for sharing plans about Apple, there's little chance for Touch ID to feature on the iPhone in the immediate future.

The expert says that most of the equipment used to manufacture components required for Touch ID has been permanently shut down and that whatever remaining units are used to make parts for the iPhone SE.

In fact, even the latest rumours surrounding the iPhone SE suggest that the next-generation model will ditch Touch ID for Face ID.

This makes sense because Face ID is so much more convenient. The only time I felt that I wished I had Touch ID was when there was a mask-wearing mandate during the onset of Covid-19. But even that quickly went away after Apple introduced Face ID with Mask in iOS 15.4. Therefore, it makes no sense for Apple to reintroduce Touch ID on a future flagship phone.

Source: Weibo via Macrumors

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