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Apple to allow third-party iPhone 13 screen repairs

By Cookie Monster - on 10 Nov 2021, 9:52am

Apple to allow third-party iPhone 13 screen repairs

Apple has decided to backtrack on its policy of third-party screen repairs for the iPhone 13.

In a statement to The Verge, Apple says it will release a software update which allows for third-party screen repairs that do not disable Face ID. The company did not specify when the software updatre will be available, but it could be introduced in the next iOS 15.2 update.

Following the launch of the iPhone 13, independent repair shops discovered Face ID will be disabled when the display of the device is replaced. This happens because Apple embedded a microcontroller which pairs the iPhone 13 to the display. As Apple and its authorised service providers have access to the software tool, it makes screen repairs by third-party shops an extremely complicated process.

Source: The Verge

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