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Here are the winners of the Apple "Shot on iPhone" challenge

By Kenny Yeo - on 13 Apr 2022, 11:00pm

Here are the winners of the Apple "Shot on iPhone" challenge

(Image source: Apple)

Apple has just announced the winners of this year's "Shot on iPhone" challenge. Announced earlier this year, this edition's contest is all about macro photography, a new feature announced for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Thanks to the phones’ new ultra wide camera, users can take photos from as close as 2cm, opening up all sorts of possibilities for new perspectives.

The winners were selected from a panel of 10 judges from around the world. One of the judges is 26-year-old Singaporean photographer Yik Keat, who, despite his young age, has worked with global names like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Adidas, Porsche, and more.

And in no particular order, here are the winners.

Daniel Olah / iPhone 13 Pro Max

Marco Colletta / iPhone 13 Pro

"Sea Glass" / Guido Cassanelli / iPhone 13 Pro Max

"Hidden Gem" / Jirasak Panpiansin / iPhone 13 Pro Max

"Volcanic Lava" / Abhik Mondal / iPhone 13 Pro

"Leaf Illumination" / Trevor Collins / iPhone 13 Pro

"The Final Bloom" / Jahoo Gu / iPhone 13 Pro Max

"Strawberry in Soda" / Ashley Lee / iPhone 13 Pro

"Honeycomb" / Tom Reeves / iPhone 13 Pro

"Art in Nature" / Prajwal Chougule / iPhone 13 Pro

Source: Apple

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