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Apple rumoured to use thinner hybrid OLED panel for the 2024 iPad Pro

By Cookie Monster - on 18 Apr 2023, 5:01am

Apple rumoured to use thinner hybrid OLED panel for the 2024 iPad Pro

The Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro (6th-gen).

Apple's 2024 iPad Pro models are rumoured to be using thinner hybrid OLED panels.

TheElec reports that LG Display is currently developing a new etching technology for OLED panels to be supplied to Apple. The hybrid OLED panel uses a glass substrate similar to rigid OLED panel, and a thin-film encapsulation (TPE) like that of a flexible OLED panel.

The new etching technology not only results in a thinner OLED panel, it also incurs lower production costs. While LG Display is planning to apply the new hybrid OLED technology in its Gen 8 OLED line, Samsung Display has already developed the technology and will apply it immediately for the OLED panels for the iPad Pro. 

TheElec said in a January report that LG Display and Samsung Display have received orders to develop two types of OLED panels for the iPad Pro and MacBook. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claimed in January that "a major revamp for the iPad Pro" could arrive in spring 2024 and consumers should expect an "updated design" with OLED panel.

Source: TheElec

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