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Huge price hikes rumoured for the upcoming OLED iPad Pros

By Cookie Monster - on 9 Jan 2024, 7:40am

Huge price hikes rumoured for the upcoming OLED iPad Pros

The Apple iPad Pro lineup could see a significant price hike this year with the switch to OLED.

If the rumours are right, Apple will unveil a new iPad Pro with an OLED display sometime in March. However, it might come with a nasty surprise: a huge price hike.

According to news aggregator account yeux1122, the smaller 11-inch OLED iPad Pro could start from US$1,500 (~S$1997), while the larger 13-inch model could start at US$1,800 (~S$2,396) and rise to US$2,000 (~S$2,662) depending on the screen size and storage capacity option. 

To put these prices in context, and if they are true, this means the smaller 11-inch iPad Pro (which starts at US$799) would have received a price hike of around 80%.

As for the 13-inch iPad Pro, a new starting price of US$1,800 would mean a price hike of about 60% – prices currently start at US$1,099.

Unsurprisingly, yeux1122 claims the OLED panels are the main components driving up the manufacturing costs for the new iPad Pro models.

To sweeten the deal, Apple might justify the price hike by offering the OLED iPad Pros with higher storage capacity options and touting the benefits of OLED (e.g., higher contrast, brighter, lower power consumption) over mini-LED and LED panels used in the current-generation iPad Pros.

And to be clear, the mini-LED panels used in the Liquid Retina XDR displays of the current 12.9-inch iPad Pros is actually very good. It's spectacularly vivid and bright, and only suffers from blooming issues if you go looking for it.

Before you panic, remember that these are just rumours. Do you recall the numerous reports about a price hike for the iPhone 15 Pro? Yeah, it turned out to be nothing.

For now, we recommend taking it easy, starting saving, and reading our iPad buying guide to make an informed decision when the time comes. 

Source: yeux1122 via MacRumors

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