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Apple said to be testing a version of macOS for the M2 iPad Pro (Really?)

By Kenny Yeo - on 21 Oct 2022, 10:17am

Apple said to be testing a version of macOS for the M2 iPad Pro (Really?)

(Image source: Apple)

Word on the street is that Apple is working on an exclusive version of macOS specifically for the recently released M2-powered iPad Pro.

It is said to be codenamed Mendocino and will be released sometime next year. The leaker also said that testing is currently being done with 25% macOS UI elements so that it will work with touch inputs better.

While this certainly sounds exciting – given that one of the leading complaints of the iPad is the lack of desktop-class software and less than intuitive multi-tasking options – there has been no evidence to suggest that Apple's fix for this is a tweaked version of macOS for iPads.

If anything, recent years suggest that Apple is instead doubling down on the iPadOS. Stage Manager, a new feature of iPadOS 16, was designed specifically to address multi-tasking concerns on iPads.

Furthermore, Apple executives have repeatedly said over the years that macOS was designed for Macs and would not work well on iPads.

All that said, this is one rumour that is likely to be nothing but hot air.

Source: Majin Bu via AppleInsider

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