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Apple rumoured to be announcing "several new Macs" at WWDC 2023

By Kenny Yeo - on 1 Jun 2023, 3:54pm

Apple rumoured to be announcing "several new Macs" at WWDC 2023

(Image source: Apple)

Word on the street is that Apple could announce “several new Macs" at WWDC 2023.

This comes from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg and is particularly big news because WWDC of the past were seldom focused on hardware.

In a tweet, Gurman said that he expects WWDC 2023 to feature “several new Macs” along with the rumoured mixed-reality headset, and, of course, new OSes. 

However, it is unclear what these new Macs could be. There’s a good chance we’ll see a new 15-inch MacBook Air but Gurman also mentioned that Apple is testing two high-end Macs featuring the M2 Max chip and an announced chip that could end up being the M2 Ultra.

The general consensus is that these high-end Macs are unlikely to be Mac Pro, which means we could see new versions of the Mac Studio, which would be somewhat surprising because Gurman said earlier in February that he didn’t think the Mac Studio would be updated this year

If that’s the case, and these high-end Macs turn out to be new Mac Studios, it could mean an even longer wait for the Mac Pro.

At any rate, we'll probably know more about the future of the Mac Pro soon since WWDC 2023 takes place next week with the keynote taking place on 6 June, 1am.

Stay tuned right here for more WWDC 2023 coverage.

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