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Apple said to have given up on 5G modem development

By Cookie Monster - on 30 Nov 2023, 9:29am

Apple said to have given up on 5G modem development

Apple seems to have given up on 5G modem development. <br>Image source: MacRumours

Apple is rumoured to have given up on developing its own 5G modem. 

News aggregator account yeux1122 shared on a Naver blog that Apple is in the midst of shutting down the 5G modem project team after repeated failures. The information apparently came from sources associated with the 5G modem project team and a Japanese supply chain source.

Bloomberg reported last week that Apple ran into development issues with the 5G modem and its launch could be delayed again.

Apple reportedly started working on an in-house radio modem chip in 2018 and acquired Intel's smartphone modem business in 2019 to expedite development efforts.

In the same year, Reuters said Apple moved its modem chip engineering team into the in-house hardware technology group. The organizational shift suggested that Apple placed a higher priority on radio modem design. 

Johny Srouji, the senior VP of hardware technologies at Apple, described the development of an in-house radio modem as "another key strategic transition" and a long-term strategic investment.

It remains to be seen whether yeux1122's report is true, but we think it is unlikely for Apple to give up at this point, especially not after having spent so much on this project. After all, Apple's ultimate goal is to cut its reliance on Qualcomm's radio chips and increase the use of in-house components for its products.

Source: yeux1122 via MacRumors

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