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Apple reportedly buys voice app startup Pullstring

By Cookie Monster - on 18 Feb 2019, 7:00am

Apple reportedly buys voice app startup Pullstring

Pullstring's cloud-based software is used by many organizations including Mattel, Samsung and Activision to create conversational experiences. <br>Image source: Pullstring's Facebook Page

Apple has reportedly agreed to acquire San Francisco-based voice app startup Pullstring. 

According to Axios, several sources revealed that Apple will buy Pullstring for about $30 million with an additional $10 million in potential earn-outs for management. 

Pullstring was founded in 2011 by former Pixar executives with the dream of achieving higher fidelity computer conversations. It claims to offer the most powerful technology, tools and techniques for designing, prototyping, and publishing voice apps and conversational experiences. 

The acquisition would help Apple improve Siri, which is vastly outmatched by Google and Amazon's digital voice assistants. Pullstring's technology and solutions could help Apple close the gap with its competitors.

Apple's AI team is currently led by former Google A.I chief John Giannandrea, who is said to "focus more on long-term research" rather than incremental updates. The company also acquired AI startup Silk Labs last year to enhance AI experience in its products while keeping users' data private at the same time. 

Source: Axios

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