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Apple is raising the prices of Apple Music and Apple TV+ in Singapore

By Kenny Yeo - on 1 Nov 2022, 10:04am

Apple is raising the prices of Apple Music and Apple TV+ in Singapore

It was inevitable. Recently, I received an email from Apple notifying me that they would be increasing the price of my Apple Music family subscription.

I used to pay S$14.98 a month but that's now going to be S$16.98 – an increase of S$2.

The price of an individual subscription is going up too, from S$9.98 to S$10.98

The price of a student plan is unchanged at S$5.98. Apple increased the price of its student plan by S$1 back in May.

Apple is raising the prices of its Apple TV+ video streaming service too. It will now cost S$9.98 a month, which is a rather substantial hike of S$3. Though, to be fair, Apple did not make any price increases since its launch over 3 years ago.

The new prices take effect immediately. As for existing subscribers, the email from Apple says the new prices will be applied from 1 December.

Netflix, on the other hand, increased prices last year, after a first round of price hikes in 2020.

These price hikes are inevitable as rampant inflation has driven up the cost of just about everything, music and film production included.

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