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Apple opens Southeast Asia’s first Developer Center in Singapore

By Kenny Yeo - on 5 Mar 2024, 4:05pm

Apple opens Southeast Asia’s first Developer Center in Singapore

(Image source: Apple)

Apple has just opened its first Developer Center in Singapore. It’s also the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and it joins Apple’s list of Developer Centers in other parts of the world like Cupertino, Bengaluru, and Shanghai.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, said: 

We are thrilled to open the Apple Developer Center Singapore in a region that has prioritised growing a competitive digital economy with highly skilled talent. This centre will be a valuable resource for developers from Singapore and its neighboring countries, enabling them to create richer experiences and more impactful apps for their customers. We can’t wait to see how this space will energise the work of our incredible developer community.

Apple’s Developer Centers are designed to support developers by helping them improve their apps. To do that, each Developer Center has two main goals

The first is to give developers direct access to Apple's engineering teams and the latest hardware. The second is to encourage discussion and collaboration among developers in the region.

The new facility in Singapore is no different. Located in the one-north district (near Buona Vista) and Spanning over 20,000 square feet, the Singapore Developer Center will be able to support developer teams of all sizes and at all stages of app development across all of Apple’s platforms.

Having had a short tour of the facility this morning (sorry, no pictures allowed), I was impressed by the scale and attention to detail of the centre. For example, every meeting room was equipped with teleconferencing equipment so that consultations could involve teams in Cupertino or any members from other Apple offices around the world. 

Apple hopes developers who attend sessions at the centre will collaborate with each other. (Image source: Apple)

Privacy was an important consideration and to ensure that, Apple installed white noise generators outside each room that would prevent people from inadvertently hearing discussions in the rooms.

Developers in the region welcomed the opening of the new Developer Centre in Singapore. Jakob Lykkegaard, Founder of Lykke Studios, who is based out of Phuket, Thailand, said that the new centre will give him quicker and more convenient access to Apple’s resources. This view was echoed by Oflavia Veranez, Senior Product Designer at Mindvalley, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to the opening of this centre, they had to meet Apple's engineering team at Cupertino, which is obviously much further away.

Crucially, Singapore also happens to be one of the locations where Vision Pro labs are held. This means developers can get hands-on time with the Vision Pro in an environment that is conducive to app development. And since the general consensus around the Vision Pro has largely been quite promising, having more developers work on the Vision Pro can mean more exciting days ahead for Apple's latest device.

Developers who want to see the full schedule of sessions, labs, workshops, and one-on-one consultations should visit

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