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Unsurprisingly, not many users are opting in to App Tracking

By Kenny Yeo - on 10 May 2021, 9:17am

Unsurprisingly, not many users are opting in to App Tracking

(Image source: Apple)

iOS 14.5 is here and apart from allowing Apple Watch owners to use their watches to unlock their phones, it also heralds the coming of a new privacy featured called App Tracking Transparency.

With App Tracking Transparency, apps will have to ask users for permission to track their activities and gain access to their random advertising identifier or Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). The IDFA is important because it enables apps to deliver targeted advertisements.

(Image source: Flurry Analytics)

And unsurprisingly, only a handful of users are opting in to App Tracking. According to Flurry Analytics, in a study of 5.3 million users worldwide (of which 2.5 million are in the US), only 5% of users in the US are opting in to App Tracking.

Worldwide, that figure rise to 13%. Unfortunately, Flurry Analytics did not reveal global breakdown numbers.

If you wish to block apps from tracking you, choose "Ask App not to Track" when you see the prompt. If you want to prevent any app from tracking at all, you can go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking and uncheck Allow Apps to Request to Track. This will stop all apps from asking you for permission and at the same time also prevent all apps from tracking you.

Source: Flurry Analytics

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