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Apple introduces a host of new accessibility features for users with disabilities

By Kenny Yeo - on 20 May 2021, 1:00pm

Apple introduces a host of new accessibility features for users with disabilities

20 May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and Apple is marking the occasion by announcing a host of new accessibility features that will be coming to its devices later this year.

iPadOS will add support for third-party eye-tracking devices, enabling users with low mobility to control their iPads using their eyes.

And for users with limb differences, Apple is introducing AssistiveTouch for watchOS which will use the watch's built-in sensor to enable users to control their Apple Watch without touching the watch.

For users who are blind or have poor vision, VoiceOver has been enhanced using on-device intelligence to better describe images.

iPhone will be able to play background noises to help users focus or relax. (Image source: Apple)

And in support of neurodiversity, Apple is including background noises such as the ocean, rain, and stream to help users focus, calm, or rest.

Users who are deaf or hard of hearing can look forward to the Made for iPhone program supporting new bi-directional hearing aids.

New memoji customisation options. (Image source: Apple)

And finally, there will be new Memoji customisation options with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, and soft helmet.

Apple didn't specify when these features will be available and only said they'll be coming later this year.

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