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Apple is adding a karaoke mode to Apple Music (Update: Available now)

By Kenny Yeo - on 14 Dec 2022, 2:57pm

Apple is adding a karaoke mode to Apple Music (Update: Available now)

Note: This article was first published on 7 December 2022 and it was updated on 14 December 2022 when it was made available.

(Image source: Apple)

You will soon be able to sing your favourite songs just like you would with a karaoke machine with a new feature that's coming to Apple Music called Apple Music Sing.

Apple Music Sing will blend Apple Music's real-time lyrics with the ability to adjust the song's vocal levels. Users will be able to sing along with the original artist or take over completely. 

In addition, Apple Music Sing will highlight background vocals and it will also have a duet view for songs with multiple vocalists.

Apple didn't specify if this feature would be available on all songs though it did say users can "sing with the original artist vocals, take the lead, or mix it up on millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog."

There will be also 50 new playlists that will let highlight this new feature and let subscribers sing to their hearts' content.

Apple Music Sing will be available later this month at no additional charge and will be available on the iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple TV 4K. There's no word on Mac support.

***Update on 14 December 2022***

With the release of iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and tvOS 16.2, Apple Music Sing is now available.

To try it out, simply open the Apple Music app (provided you have a paid subscription) and go to the track you want to sing. Next, tap on the lyrics mode icon on the bottom left.

The microphone icon lets you know the track supports Apple Music Sing. Tap on it to adjust the volume of the lead vocals.

If the track is compatible with Apple Music Sing, you should see a microphone icon that will let you adjust the volume of the lead vocals.

Note that not every song is compatible with Apple Music Sing. If you don't see the microphone icon, it means the track is not supported.

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