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Apple May Change Supplier Due to Dispute with Samsung

By Leo Boon Yeow - on 12 Jul 2011, 10:08am

Apple May Change Supplier Due to Dispute with Samsung

Samsung and Apple's estimated business relationship worth S$5 billion could be up for grabs soon. The two tech giants share a mutually beneficial partnership in which Samsung provides cutting-edge components and technology to Apple's popular mobile products. But the relationship took a turn for the worse when Apple accused Samsung of willfully infringing on Apple's product designs like the iPhone and iPad. Samsung didn't take it lying down, bringing the fight back to Apple, and causing their fair share of a ruckus. 

While some may argue that Apple was just protecting its mobile business, others may argue that it's counter-intuitive for the mobile industry in general if Apple has exclusive rights to almost everything. Really, how many ways can you design a phone these days without being outlandish and cross the threshold in which the products actually become hard to use? If you think this battle is reminiscent of Apple's previous clash with search giant Google -- who went on to develop a competing mobile platform, Android -- then you may be right. Only time will tell how the entire fiasco plays out.

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