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Apple unveils macOS Sonoma with all-new Game Mode and enhanced iOS 17 features at WWDC

By The Count - on 11 Jun 2023, 10:24am

Apple unveils macOS Sonoma with all-new Game Mode and enhanced iOS 17 features at WWDC

Note: This article was first published on 6 June 2023.

During the WWDC 2023 event, Apple revealed macOS 14 aka macOS Sonoma, the newest version of its desktop operating system.

Mac owners can look forward to several key upgrades, including the implementation of desktop widgets, a new game mode, and dynamic aerial screensavers. As per Apple's previous trends, we anticipate this update to promptly roll out in its developer beta phase, followed by a public beta in the ensuing weeks. It should be available to the broader public later this year.

Widgets will be more interactive than ever on macOS Sonoma. IMAGE: PHOTO

Widgets now gain more prominence as they can be moved directly from your Notification Center onto your desktop or can be effortlessly synced from your iPhone via Continuity if both devices share the same Wi-Fi network. These widgets, not just static icons, enable user interactions – you can, for instance, check off tasks from your list, manage media playback, or operate connected smart devices. They are built to seamlessly blend into the background when any window is launched.

Apple's gaming scene is set for a revolution with the introduction of the new "Game Mode". This mode is engineered to allocate greater CPU and GPU resources to the game, while also minimising latency for paired AirPods and Xbox and PlayStation controllers. According to Apple, this mode is compatible with all games that can run on Sonoma.

New stickers are coming for Messenger too. IMAGE: APPLE

The virtual meeting experience has also been improved, with Apple introducing the Presenter Overlay feature that enables you to display content such as slideshows, all while your face stays on screen. Adding some fun to your video calls, a new set of AR reaction effects are also introduced, which can be used across any video conferencing app.

Aside from the updates specific to macOS, Apple confirmed at the event that a host of improvements revealed for iOS 17 would be similarly integrated into the desktop OS. These advancements comprise a more accurate autocorrect feature, the capability to invoke Siri without the prerequisite 'hey', swifter PDF form completion, and a broader range of sticker options.

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