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The MacBook Air might switch to OLED after the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

By Cookie Monster - on 14 Nov 2023, 8:50am

The MacBook Air might switch to OLED after the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

OLED might come to the Apple MacBook Air in the next few years.

The Apple MacBook Air could use an OLED panel within the next few years, based on analyst Jeff Pu's latest investor note. 

In line with previous reports, Pu reiterated that the iPad Pro lineup will switch to OLED next year and Apple is targeting to ship 10 million units.

The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are said to be on track to switch to OLED "sometime in 2026." Pu then added that Apple is "actively developing" an OLED panel for the MacBook Air.

Pu's forecasted timeline is similar to that of Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, who claimed last month that the OLED transition is "at least three years away" for the MacBook Pro and he expects the OLED MacBook Pro to arrive in 2026 or 2027.

The current MacBook Pro models use mini-LED panels which look crisp and sharp with super vivid colours. However, the mini-LED display suffers from a slight blooming issue. On the other hand, the MacBook Air deploys a regular IPS panel. 

With the switch to OLED, the MacBook lineup will benefit from increased brightness, higher contrast ratio, deeper blacks, and better power efficiency which in turn leads to longer battery life.

But perhaps more crucially, it will also bring it on a par with high-end PC notebooks, which have had OLED panels for a while now.

Source: MacRumours

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