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Apple to launch its first 5G iPhone in 2020?

By Cookie Monster - on 5 Nov 2018, 3:00am

Apple to launch its first 5G iPhone in 2020?

The Apple iPhone XS and XS Max.

While Samsung is planning to release a 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 to the market next year, Apple's first 5G iPhone is said to be only coming in 2020.

A source told Fast Company that Apple will use Intel's 8161 5G modem chip in the 2020 iPhone lineup. Intel will also be the exclusive supplier of 5G modems for the iPhone modems. The 8161 modem will be fabricated using Intel's 10nm process to increase transistor density for more speed and efficiency.

However, Apple is recently unhappy with Intel as the 8060 modem chip has heat dissipation issues which the latter is still struggling to resolve. Despite this, Apple is unlikely to resume talks with Qualcomm about 5G modems. The source added that Apple has discussed with MediaTek about the 5G modems.

Apple and Intel have been reportedly working together since 2015 on modem chips for the iPhone. In November 2017, Fast Company claimed that Apple's engineers "have been engaged with Intel counterparts for early work on 5G".

Source: Fast Company

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