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Lens flare and ghosting could finally be less of a problem on the Apple iPhone 16 Pro

By Shawn Tan - on 16 Apr 2024, 8:30am

Lens flare and ghosting could finally be less of a problem on the Apple iPhone 16 Pro

Apple is said to be testing a new anti-reflective optical coating technology for the iPhone 16 Pro which could reduce lens flare and ghosting.

Lens flare and ghosting issues could be minimised in future Apple iPhones including the iPhone 16 Pro.

Tipster yeux1122 shared that Apple is exploring new atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment for the iPhone camera lens assembly process. 

ALD enables manufacturers to deposit materials one atomic layer at a time onto a substrate. This allows manufacturers to apply microscopic layers of materials onto semiconductor devices, including camera lenses, very precisely. 

In the case of the iPhone's camera, it allows Apple's suppliers to apply anti-reflective coatings that can reduce photographic artefacts like flare and ghosting

Apple says it uses a new "nanoscale coating" on the iPhone 15 Pro models to reduce lens flare. However, we noticed that this was still an issue with the cameras this year, and users' feedback corroborates our findings.

Recent reports suggest that Apple plans to equip the iPhone 16 Pro with a new 48MP ultra-wide camera and a bigger, more advanced main camera sensor. Perhaps Apple could use the new ALD equipment to apply the anti-reflective coatings on these new camera components to address user feedback about lens flare and ghosting.

Source: yeux1122 via MacRumors

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