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iPadOS 15 features better multitasking, new widgets for your home screen, and more

By Kenny Yeo - on 12 Jun 2021, 10:11am

iPadOS 15 features better multitasking, new widgets for your home screen, and more

Note: This article was first published on 8 June 2021.

iPadOS has been under fire lately and Apple hopes to address some of them with iPadOS 15. 

Firstly, multitasking has been completely overhauled to make it easier and more intuitive to use. 

There’s now a new multitasking menu at the top of apps. This menu lets you quickly and easily manage your apps so that you can quickly create split views, open new apps, and switch between apps.

Notice the small multitasking menu at the top of the app in the middle?

There’s now the ability to minimise apps to something Apple calls a “shelf”. This lets you see all instances of your apps and kind of mimics macOS’ Spaces feature.

Just like iOS 14, iPadOS 15 will now give users the freedom to place widgets on the home screen, enabling users to create their own specialised pages. And like iOS 14, iPadOS 15 now has App Library which can be found in the Dock. This makes it easier for users to manage their apps and quickly access them.

Widgets on the home screen.

The Notes app has been improved in iOS 15 too. There’s a new Quick Note feature that can be activated by swiping from the bottom right corner with your Apple Pencil. This feature lets you take, erm, quick notes with accompanying information from whatever app that you are in without having to open the Notes app. So if you are in Safari, you can add links or text to the notes.

Quick Note lets you take notes without opening the Notes app and losing track of what you were doing.

The Translate app is coming to iPad too with Auto Translate that automatically detects what languages it is hearing and translates in real-time. This can be helpful if you find yourself in a foreign land or speaking to someone out of town.

System-wide translate makes it easy to translate your emails.

Crucially, iPadOS 15 will also support system-wide translation so you can easily translate text in your emails and notes. And with Live Text, you can even translate text in your photos.

And finally, Swift Playgrounds will now allow users to create iPad and iPhone apps entirely on their iPad. Obviously, it won’t be as powerful as Xcode but it’s a first for the iPad.

iPadOS 15 will be available to the public later this year. Developer betas are available starting today and public betas will be coming next month.

Here are the list of iPads that will run iPadOS 15:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (first through fifth generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (first through third generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad (fifth through eighth generation)
  • iPad Mini (fourth and fifth generation)
  • iPad Air (second through fourth generation)
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