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Apple adds new 6TB and 12TB storage tiers to iCloud+

By Cookie Monster - on 24 Sep 2023, 9:34am

Apple adds new 6TB and 12TB storage tiers to iCloud+

Note: This article was first published on 18 September 2023.

New to the list are the 6TB and 12TB iCloud+ storage tiers.

Apple announced two new storage tiers for its iCloud+ subscription service.

Starting on 18 September, iCloud+ will be available in two new storage tiers: 6TB for S$42.98/month and 12TB for S$84.90/month.

This means iCloud+ is offering five storage tiers in total. Apart from the abovementioned 6TB and 12TB plans, Apple also offers the following plans:

  • 50GB – S$1.48/month
  • 200GB – S$3.98/month
  • 2TB – S$13.98/month

If you do the maths, the 2TB plan actually offers the best bang for the buck at S$6.99 per TB. That said, the 6TB and 12TB plans are that bad value either at S$7.16 and S$7.07 per TB respectively.

Apple believes the new 6TB and 12TB storage tiers will appeal to users with large photo and video libraries, or those using Family Sharing. We doubt the new storage tiers will attract mainstream consumers unless they have large families or many devices, but photographers and filmmakers who are invested in the Apple ecosystem might find them useful.

Apple introduced the 2TB storage tier in 2016 before bringing down its subscription fee at WWDC 2017 and removing the 1TB storage option. In June 2023, Apple increased the iCloud+ subscription prices in Singapore and other markets for the 50GB and 2TB tiers.

For more information, visit Apple's iCloud page.

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