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Apple garners 75% of smartwatch market as over 97% of customers say they are satisfied

By Kenny Yeo - on 23 Jul 2015, 9:56am

Apple garners 75% of smartwatch market as over 97% of customers say they are satisfied

Source: Mirror.

The Apple Watch was officially launched on 24 April 2015. That's only about 3 months ago and it has already captured a staggering 75% of the smartwatch market share in Q2 2015.

According to numbers by research firm Strategy Analytics, an estimated 5.3 million smartwatches were shipped in Q2 of this year. And considering Apple sold around 4 million Apple Watches, this means that they have a market share of about 75.5%.

Image source: Macrumors.

In second place is Samsung, which was estimated to have shipped around 400,000 smart watches, thus giving it a market share of 7.5%. Other undisclosed brands made up the rest of the numbers and their combined estimated shipments is said to be around 900,000 units.

Interestingly, in a poll of 800 Apple Watch customers by Wristly, an amazing 97% of them said that they were satisfied with their purchase. To be exact, 31% said they were "somewhat satisfied" whereas 66% said they "very satisfied/delighted". 

In comparison, 92% of owners who picked up a first-generation iPhone were satisfied with their device. As for the first-generation iPad, just 91% of customers polled said that they were happy with their purchase.

That said, casual users are most satisfied with their Apple Watch as over 73% of this group of people report as being "very satisfied". The number drops as we move towards more tech savvy users. Only 43% of owners who were developers said they were happy with their Apple Watch.

Source: Macrumors, AppleInsider

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